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Starbucks Can Suck It (16915 words) by faviconmiss_music666
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Clint Barton & Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov, Loki/Thor, past Bruce Banner/Clint Barton, past Clint/Bobbi
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, Thor (Marvel), Darcy Lewis, Loki (Marvel), Pepper Potts, Maria Hill

Clint is just living his life. He owns his coffee shop, he hangs out with Steve, Natasha, and Bucky and ignores that little bit of his heart that tells him he's lonely. But when a foodie comes into his shop and makes it his life goal to pick out his favorite drink on Clint's ridiculously long list of ridiculously titled beverages, Clint falls a little in love. But things keep getting in the way of, what Clint is sure to be, their awesome romance.


THE AVENGERS IS AWE---- clint has a nest, natasha is fierce, tony is going green for the planet, bruce is very zen, phil is a fangirl(and everyone knows it) and steve is a smartass,thor and loki need a family therapist, fury eyepatch has more secrets than god knows what and hill needs more kicking ass scenes -----SOME.


A bit of Fry and Laurie

I think it was Donald Mainstock, the great amateur squash player, who pointed out how lovely I was. Until that time, I think it was safe to say that I'd never really been aware of my own timeless brand of loveliness. But his words smote me, because, of course, you see, I am lovely, in a fluffy, moist kind of a way. I walk, let's be splendid about this, in a lightly-scented cloud of gorgeousness that isn't a far shot from being quite simply terrific. The secret to smooth, almost shiny loveliness, of the order which we are discussing in this simple, frank, creamy-soft way doesn't reside in oils, unduants, balms, ointments, astringments, creams, milks, moisturizers, linaments, lubricants, embracants or bolsoms, to be simply divine for just one noble moment; it resides, and I mean this in a pink, slightly special way, in one's attitude of mind. To be gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely, all you have to do is to believe that one is gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely. And I believe it of myself, tremulously at first and then with mounting heat and passion because, stopping off for a second to be super again, I'm so often told it. That's the secret really.

Downton Abbey & Sherlock on PBS

January 8, 15, 22, 29; February 5, 12 & 19, 2012 at 9pm
(Check local listings)
Downton Abbey, Season Two
Episode 1, 6 & 7 (120 minutes); Episodes 2-5 (60 minutes); TV-PG
Multiple Primetime Emmy® Award winner (including Outstanding Miniseries) Downton Abbey resumes the story of aristocrats and servants in the tumultuous World War I era.

January 15, 22 & 29, 2012 at 10pm
(Limited TV airings; Check local listings)
Three 90-minute episodes
Sherlock Holmes stalks again in this contemporary thriller, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (War Horse) as the go-to consulting detective in modern-day London, with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) as Dr. John Watson.
Happy new year coming from las vegas :)
 Defend Glee's Anti-Bullying Episode -
Tell FOX Houston to Apologize for Broadcasting Extremist Views
On April 26, 2011, KRIV FOX 26 in Houston, Texas, gave voice to one of the country's most vocal anti-gay activists during a "debate" on its news program entitled, "Is TV Too Gay?" The focus was that night's episode of the show Glee which featured a theme of self-acceptance and celebration of diversity inspired by the Lady Gaga hit song "Born This Way."

Fox Houston Calls Gay Characters "Product Placement"
The segment on FOX in Focus began on the wrong foot, by even suggesting that television programs with positive portrayals of gay characters could negatively impact teens. As the show progressed, it only got worse:

Instead of inviting experts on young adult development or youth themselves, the show framed the question as "gay" versus "anti-gay."
Guest Bryan Fischer from American Family Association took this as an opportunity to make horribly offensive comparisons about gay and lesbian families and called Glee "propaganda."
Fischer said that being gay "is conduct that bears enormous psychological and physical risk to those that engage in it” and that “homosexual behavior is just as risky and just as dangerous as injection drug use."
Fox host Damali Keith compared the gay characters on Glee to "product placement" by soda companies in movies, where "everyone in the theater is thirsty for that particular brand."
Bryan Fischer is an extremist with no qualifications to offer the discussion apart from his bigotry. This a man whose disdain for diversity is evident in his track record of making statements such as calling Muslim student associations "parasites" and a "toxic cancer." FOX Houston gave Fischer a platform in the nation's fourth largest city, and one of its top ten media markets, to broadcast his anti-gay rhetoric. And rather than challenge him, the host, Damali Keith, contributed her own uninformed and anti-gay commentary.

After receiving complaints about this FOX Houston program, GLAAD contacted the station to demand that they issue an apology. Broadcasting anti-gay speech is dangerously irresponsible, and the station must be accountable. In conversations with GLAAD, a representative of the station implied that an apology was in order and should be expected. However, no apology has been issued, and in an abrupt reversal, representatives of the station now maintain that they stand behind this content.

This is all the more disturbing given the positive and affirming messages and stance against bullying that were part of the theme of the particular episode of Glee in question. Currently, equality groups are advocating for the passage of a comprehensive anti-bullying bill in the Texas legislature - which has already passed the State Senate 29-2. But any parents or students who stuck around for the news after last week's Glee got a very different, and potentially damaging, message from Fox Houston about LGBT young people.

Please take a moment to defend last week's Glee and the young people who identify with the show's characters. Take a stand in favor of diversity and inclusiveness, and against bullying and harmful anti-gay rhetoric. Tell FOX Houston to issue an apology now for the words of their host and their guest.

Last week, GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios spoke out in support of Glee after an anti-gay activist said that McKinley High School was “a high school most parents would not want to send their kids too." The show has received the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series last year and this year received the GLAAD Media Award again, tying with Modern Family.

Apologies: I couldn't embed the link to the petition - it was in Flash - but if you follow the link to the article, you'll find it there - it looks like the image above.



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